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We take care of the environment, from the very beginning

In the last years, the Circular Economy has received a lot of attention,
and rightly so, as a method of thinking, producing, and imagining
the end of life of products to achieve an increasingly sustainable supply chain.

At Moro Minuterie, from the beginning, most of the items we produce
are stamped from recycled steel and brass

The use of these materials not only makes all of our goods
more and better recyclable, but it also allows us to reintroduce
all processing leftovers and scraps back into the production cycle.

As a result of this action, we obtain various outcomes, all of which contribute to
greater environmental protection
: large savings in natural resources
and energy, as well as a significant reduction in waste.

Italy is considered a pioneer in the reuse of metals and alloys: Italian steel
mills process around 20 million tonnes of scrap per year.

Being part of this virtuous cycle that redistributes materials
that would otherwise be discarded makes us extremely proud!