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Surprise yourself and innovate your footwear with our new PLAZA eyelet

Don’t you know how to revolutionize your shoe anymore? Are you tired of the usual metal eyelets for footwear and would you like something new? Do you think everything is now already seen and over-seen?

We have the right solution for your needs! The particular shape of our new and innovative Plaza eyelet will surprise. We have studied a metal eyelet for shoes with a conical hole.

If you wonder why this choice is made, here are the main reasons:

  • The conical shape facilitates the passage of the laces in all types of footwear and allows the laces slide more smoothly.
  • This new design is captivating and embellishes any type of shoe or sandal, be it elegant, casual, sporty or chic.
  • The three-dimensional nature of the product allows you to create new color effects
Try to imagine how this metal loop will change the image and perception of your shoe, as more refined and practical to your end consumers’ eyes!

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Features of the new Plaza loop
Plaza eyelets are made of brass. The main features of this metal are its extreme plasticity and resistance. This allows the metal accessory to:
  • Be easily applied, even by automatic machines
  • Be extremely resistant to the rubbing of the lace.
Where can I use the Plaza eyelet?
The particular and innovative shape transform the Plaza eyelet from a simple functional shoe element into a decorative element.
You can therefore decide to use this "metal ring" also to decorate shoe-uppers, maybe you can insert it on the side of your sneakers, or, why not, on a whole bag!
The eyelet is quickly and easily applied by automatic machines for metal trims.
You can indulge in the choice of multiple colors to create surprising patterns and chromatic effects.

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Moro Minuterie: your reliable supplier!
Whether you are a stylist or a shoe manufacturer, Moro Minuterie is your ideal supplier.
We guarantee you:
  • A large catalog of metal trims for footwear to choose from.
  • A wide choice of galvanic finishes and always trendy colors.
  • ​Highly competent staff able to help you in choosing the most suitable products for your needs.
  • 100% "Made in Italy" guarantee, for more than 40 years in the sector of metal accessories for footwear.
  • Compliance with international health and product quality regulations.