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Moro Minuterie was born in 1974 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Nildo Moro, who, with his wife Donata Pozzan, dedicated to manufacturing equipment for the molding of metal parts in a small room in the province of Padua.

In a few years, thanks to the intuitions and the foresight of Nildo, the company starts the production of small metal trimmings, creating the first eyelets and rivets.

At the end of the 70s the company expands, beginning to sell its products in foreign markets and it moves from the small room into a new and larger building in Camin (Padova).

During the 80s his daughter Marta and her future husband Carlo Benedetti join the company. Thanks to the introduction of new resources Moro Minuterie has the possibility to make other products such as hooks and buckles, expanding greatly the range and strengthening its international presence.

During the decade of the 90s also the second daughter Silvia decides to follow in the footsteps of his father and thanks to her the commercial area is consolidated.

The company acquires the actual building of 4000 square meters in the industrial area of Padua and moves there. This is the moment of the greatest development of Moro Minuterie, which quickly doubles its turnover, reaching all international markets and ranking among the industry leaders.
In 1995, the founding partner Nildo dies prematurely, while leaving clear guidelines that the heirs and co-workers do not hesitate to follow.

With the new millennium, Silvia becomes the director of the company, and, little by little, Donata chooses to retire. Silvia decides to continue the policy of product innovation, developing new lines of metal accessories for the decoration of shoes and clothing.

Finally, the last young daughter, Linda, follows in the footsteps of the sisters joining the company, with the aim to bring new ideas for the future development.
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