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Moro Minuterie has always had as its primary objective the continuous technological improvement. Our target market consists of the big manufacturers of footwear and leather goods, wholesalers and distributors of metal trimmings, which find in our range the answer to their needs in terms of quality.

We are expert in:

  • Aetal accessories for shoes
  • Accessories for sanitary shoes
  • Metal accessories for sanitary footwear

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Products Range

Moro Minuterie offers its customers a wide selection of accessories for footwear, leather goods and clothing.

Colours and Finishes

Special processing and colors to personalize your creations.

Tools and Machines

Accessories and machines specifically designed forthe application of products Moro Minuterie.


Moro Minuterie has a modern workshop and tooling department equipped with CNC machines, where skilled technicians carry out all the molds and equipment used for the production of our trimmings.

Moro Minuterie has established itself in the sale of metal articles for footwear, leather goods, clothing and handbags.

Moro Minuterie, founded in 1947 in Padua, specializes in the production of metal parts, which are used in clothing, leather goods, handbags and footwear. Research and technological improvement have led the company to creating custom solutions, efficient service, high quality and optimal prices. The high quality standard is mainly due to Made in Italy production, always in line with international standards.

Moro minuterie: attention to detail.

Moro Minuterie is mainly aimed at wholesalers, distributors, shoe manufacturers and leather goods manufacturers. Customer requirements are respected, thanks to the quality, stylistic originality and detail care due to the material used for the realization. Moro Minuterie pays great attention to galvanic finishes, highly resistant to chemical agents.

Functional design and long life time.

Over the years, Moro Minuterie has gained experience in designing and manufacturing equipment, providing timely and timely service. Eyebrows, rivets, studs, fibers, hooks and buttons are among the minuties produced. Molds and equipment are produced in a special department. Why choose Moro Minuterie? Because we rely on a company that can meet customer needs. It is also possible to create articles on commissioned design.

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Moro minuterie

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Established in 1974, Moro Minuterie has always had as its primary objective the continuous technological improvement to offer its customers: Customized solutions, Constant product innovation, Efficient and timely service, High quality at optimum prices.
The company has focused consistently on the Made in Italy in all the stages of production. All items are made in compliance with international regulations and ensure a high standard of quality.