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Spring/summer trends 2019. Decorativism

This week we are pleased to present you the second of the three themes proposed by Ars Sutoria Trends with our latest fashions.

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This mood is one of the styles that most has recurred in recent years: decorativism. This style crosses many countries and cultures. Prints of all kinds, flowers, precious stones and pearls are the masters.

The colors refer to typically feminine ranges such as salmon pink, blood red and amber. Tones of precious metals such as bronze, gold and platinum silver.

Red anodized on eyelets and rivet - studs; blood red obtained with popular paint-ing.
The bright and shiny blood red is absolutely the dominant color of this trend.
Two types of finish through which very different and particular results are obtained.

Round and square rhinestones rivets.
They are perfect for embellishing shoes and bags and the special light which attracts the eye of every buyer. Click here to see the full range.

Abs flowers studs in trendy colors.
The flower is one of the hottest topics of this season. These beautiful roses are available in various sizes and with random colors.

Pearl color declined in two variants: white and pink on rivets, cabochon rivets and abs studs.
The firs is more classic, the latter is more innovative and impressive.
This finish is available also on eyelets and on vela eyelets.

Very shiny gold and opaque gold on rivets, on lace-loop hooks and on d-ring hooks.
Gold, the precious metal par excellence, is declined in several versions, a shinier and a more opaque one.

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These are our proposals regarding the second theme.
In a few days we will reveal other fantastic news.

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