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Wire rivets, there is no limit to imagination!

Iron and copper wire rivets are the most suitable things for decorating bags and belts.

Wire rivets are made of one piece. They pierce the leather automatically and, therefore, there is no waste of energy and time that is usually needed for pre-piercing and pre-assembling.
Furthermore, wire rivets can be easily applied by automatic machines.
This process has a positive result on both time and cost of production of the finished goods.
Moro Minuterie offers a wide range of geometries such as: coin rivet, multisided rivet, screw rivet, multifaced rivet or the classic figure such as the half sphere, the pyramid and the cone shape.

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Wire rivets are made of plastic so a variety of three-dimensional shapes can be produced.

The metal trimmings are very interesting for their resistance.
We can suggest you choose between the galvanic finishes or the coatings that follows the latest fashion trends.

Every single product of Moro Minuterie is characterized by high quality and reliability. The company has been working for more than forty years in the field of metal parts for clothing, footwear and leather goods.

All our products are 100% made in Italy and comply with the International norms.