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Glossy and matt effect

How to make fashionable footwear lively and dynamic.
Nowadays, innovation in the world of footwear and leather goods is always
more complicated in the fashion sector. Finding new inspiration takes time, and time is money.

For this reason, many companies decide to work alongside reliable partners who can guide them and follow them in the innovation process, season after season.

We at Moro Minuterie are the right partner for you. In the small metal parts sector from more than forty years, we can be a valuable ally for those who, like you, are looking for a solid and pioneering company.

We offer you a wide range of different products:
  • eyelets for shoes
  • hooks for boots
  • technical hooks for safety shoes
  • buckles for sandals
  • decorative rivets and much more..
Moreover all of our products can be customized with the most varied colour finishes.

Today we want to present you a particular combination of galvanic finishes and paintings with glossy or matt effect that will surely inspire you.

By arranging neatly or randomly eyelets and rivets with shiny and matt galvanic, you create in your own footwear, in the belt or in your product an attractive play of light that will arouse the interest of your buyer.

The different combinations create customized effects, which attract the attention of our senses. This movement makes the product unique and attractive, almost irresistible.

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There are many possible glossy - matt combinations. You can range from nickel to gold, from mirror (a super glossy effect) to rubber (soft touch effect), earth tone mood and various iridescences.

For something more exclusive and refined you can try our anodized, hologram, leather effect and many other paintings.

You can range from decorative rivets, to male / female rivets or from studs to eyelets, and more to the metal hooks. Fantasy has no limits!

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Moro Minuterie products with these trendy finishes are very easy to apply and do not require tools other than those you usually use.
Instead, a certain degree of fantasy is required: our style office can generously make it available to you!

You just have to contact us ... we are waiting for you.

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