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Customizing pressed metal trims: find how to customize your metal accessories in 5 ways

Custom metal trimings are the best way to convey your brand. Trust in Moro Minuterie: we have more than 40 years of experience!

Have you ever thought of the best way to convey your logo on shoes, bags or leather goods in general? May you have noticed that your competitors apply custom eyelets on their shoes and you're wondering how expensive the customization of an eyelet is?

There are 5 main ways to customize metal accessories with different advantages and costs: let's find them out together!

  1. Use galvanic or special painting
  2. Digital printing
  3. Laser engraving
  4. The logo marking during the pressing phase
  5. Make a shape after your own design

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Galvanic and special painting

This is certainly the easiest and cheapest way to make unique metal trims for shoes, bags or leather goods. The colors of your logo or the distinctive colors of your company can be conveyed through the color of metal components; in the same way, your creations can be differentiated from the competitors’ ones thanks to unique color effects. For example, iridescent or varnished painting are giving great satisfaction to Moro Minuterie at present. The first ones give particular light effects: every single piece is different from the others. The latter reproduce the effect of hyper-shiny anodised aluminum even on pressed iron or brass parts.

The minimum quantities required for this painting are not usually very high and the price is low.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a new way to customise metal trims. By this process, any motifs, designs or writings are printed by a digital printer, just as if they were printed on paper. Wooden or rocky effects, colored logos or abstract drawings can be transferred on the metal: Your only limit is imagination and your only need is a digital file to be imported! :-)

We at Moro Minuterie are able to print any designs on our metal eyelets, hooks, rivets, studs and on any other product in the catalogue.

Digital printing is a bit more expensive than electro-plating, but there are remarkable advantages in terms of product differentiation. In this case also the minimum quantities are not extremely high. They range from 1,000 till 5,000 pieces, depending on the model.

Laser engraving

This customization method is usually used on eyelets, metal hooks, buttons, rivets, studs or metal buckles.
Two kinds of laser engraving can be carried out on metal components: light engraving and deep engraving.

The light engraving removes the first layer of electroplating or painting, leaving the underlying color in evidence. For example, white writing on a black eyelet (or other colors) or a pink-gold inscription on a silver eyelet can be obtained. The combinations are almost endless here as well. This kind of laser marking is carried out by engraving an already galvanized or colored metal part. It is cheaper than deep laser engraving.

The second kind of laser marking is made directly on raw metal trims. The laser ray engraves part of the metal and creates a groove. Thus customized, the metal trim is galvanized or colored afterwards.

The cost of this is technology is higher than the logo marking in the pressing phase (which we will see now) but requires significantly lower batches of production (around 3,000 pieces).

Logo marking during the pressing phase

This kind of personalization is certainly the most used and the fastest. The metal trims and their customised motif are produced during the pressing at the same time and do not need any further processes such as for digital printing or laser marking. Moro Minuterie realizes what in technical terms is defined as a "punch" which is inserted into the mold that cuts the sheet; the “punch” is based on a design supplied by the customer. The customized trims can therefore be produced in large quantities in a very short time. This technology allows to get simple, stylized text, logos or drawings.

As it is easily understood, this method of personalization must be used for very high production quantities, but on the other hand costs are very low compared to other customization techniques.

Making a shape on own’s design.

Moro Minuterie has more than forty years of experience in the production of metal trims and can also produce metal accessories of pressed iron or brass starting from your technical drawing or from a customer model. The costs of the process may differ, depending on the kind of required end products (eyelets, buckles, hooks, buttons and padded rivets). In any case, the manufacture of a mold is required in order to make never-produced-before metal trims, the embodiment of which needs many more hours of work with respect to a mold for a product made of zamak or a product made by wire molding.

The highly qualified staff of Moro Minuterie will guide you in choosing the metal trims customization methodology which best suits your needs, based on your budget, the quantities you need and the logo or design you want to print.