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Do you think that zamak buckles are too expensive? Are you looking for beautiful and modern buckles for shoes and sandals?

The sheared iron buckles of Moro Minuterie are for you!

For over 40 years Moro Minuterie specialized in the production of sheared iron buckles for sandals, shoes and clogs.

Over the years we have developed a wide range of models to suit any requirement of style:

- Buckles with a fixed plate,
- Buckles with a movable plate,
- Buckles without plate,
- Buckles box-shaped,
- Buckles for clogs,
- Buckles for safety.

Our collection starts from articles with more classic lines, not forgetting, however, buckles of the most modern and sophisticated forms.

The iron sheared buckles for shoes, sandals and clogs are resistant and easy to apply. They fit well to any type of shoe, whether elegant, sporty or technical. Almost all models are available with fixed or movable plate, allowing quick application of the buckle through the rivets. Therefore, straps with stitching are not necessary.

Compared to zamak buckles, our buckles are much lighter and cheaper. This advantage can be seen more in larger sized buckles. Our presses allow us to print the buckle automatically. For this reason, the production times are short, and the product maintains contained prices.

Are you very exigent or looking for a luxury product? To answer all your needs, some of our buckles can be embellished with enamels or application of crystal rhinestones. Innovative galvanic finishes or paintings make the whole range of buckles Moro Minuterie a primary detail for your creations.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for buckles for safety or technical shoes, Moro Minuterie can be your ideal partner. These buckles are designed specifically for a quick release, which can be carried with one hand. They are also suitable for military use.

All our buckles can be realized with galvanized finishes with greater resistance to the saline fog.

All our products can be customized with your logo.

What are you waiting for?