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Our proposals for the 2019 spring/summer season

For several years now, Moro Minuterie has been collaborating with Arsutoria Trens Guide to develop innovative samples that are previewed during the Lineapelle event.

Three main themes for the 2019 spring / summer season emerged this year.

Let's see them one by one, with our proposals.


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style inspired by Op Art and Non-Objective Art. The first one tries to create optical illusions through movement, combining abstract subjects and exploring color. The second one uses geometric shapes on several levels to create simple and linear compositions.

The colors are electric and vibrant. Transparencies are combined with fluorescent, translucent, metallized and mother-pearl effect. Yellow, orange, fuchsia, sky blue and white reflect the immaterial light and transform the perception of the shade.

Studs rivets sphere head 36 color micro glitter light blue. this particular finish recalls the galaxy, the star dust, the wake of a comet. Click here to see all other studs on which you can use this finish. Finish also available on eyelets.

Red anodized on stud 36 sphere heads and metallic coral on rivet 36 heads. Different types of metallization mix together so as to create unique reflections. Also available on double rivets, self-piercing rivets, decorative studs, eyelets, vela eyelets.

Rubberized nickel on stud rivet head 36 sphere. The extremely shiny nickel collides with the rubberized paint and create a unique effect: metallic color with tactile effects of softness and technicality. Available also on double rivets, self-piercing rivets, decorative studs, eyelets and vela eyelets.

Transparent red and blue plastic studs. Translucent effect with irregular air bubbles imprisoned inside, creating movement and lightnes and recalling the fluidity of water.

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These are our proposals regarding the first theme. In a few days we will reveal other fantastic news! 
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