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The advantages of using metal eyelets in sports shoes

If you are looking for a metal eyelet for footwear, Moro Minuterie is your ideal partner. With over 40 years of experience, it is able to provide you with the product that best suits your needs. 100% made in Italy.

Eyelets are that particular, usually metallic, which is used to avoid the wear of the hole through which the string passes.

Moro Minuterie’s highly specialized staff of Moro are able to advise you and guide you in choosing the best eyelet suited to your needs. In our vast collection you will surely find the right eyelet for both highly technical footwear and for sneakers aimed at the fashion market.

Why are iron or brass eyelets essential for sports shoes manufacturers?

  • The Moro Minuterie eyelets can be easily and quickly applied to the upper. Both hand presses and automatic/pneumatic machines can be used for application.
  • Eyelets make sturdier the holes through which strings or the loops are passed, thus avoiding the hole deformation or fraying.
  • Sports footwears become safer. Holes protected by a metal eyelets allow laces to slide better. Friction is reduced thanks to the smooth and homogeneous surface of the metal part. Flaking and breaking risks are greatly reduced. In this way the safety of the shoe is guaranteed.
  • Our iron and brass eyelets are colourful and fashionable. The use of metal trimmings allows you to add a touch of colour to the shoe. Eyelets can also be fit as to match the colour of your upper, or as to get a contrasting effect. Various types of painting or galvanizing guarantee unique and precious effects.
  • Eyelets ban easily be customized. If you want to make your logo neat and clear, eyelet customization is a very effective strategy. There are several ways to customize the eyelets; we will show them in an article soon.

  • Moro Minuterie not only offers standard eyelets, but, in over 40 years of experience, has developed the most different shapes: stars, flowers, hexagons ... there are no limits to imagination! (Click here to see all the special eyelets). Our sample is extremely vast and able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

  • Using our eyelets makes your shoes unique and affords you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. The refined colours and the up-to-date galvanic finishes of Moro Minuterie are the result of more than 40 years of work in this fiels. This is why we are your ideal partner. We will help you make your sports shoe unique and original.

Until 1840, the string holes in shoes were hand-sewn by a sturdy thread. The invention of the first metal eyelets was a great revolution. The time required for the application of a metal eyelet was drastically lower than the time needed to sew the edges of the hole. Furthermore, the iron eyelet guaranteed less deterioration of the hole itself.

Nowadays, the eyelet is a metal detail essential in a shoe, especially if sportswear are concerned.

What are the new trends in sports footwear?

We see that the main sports shoe brands prefer to use plastic eyelets in footwear more and more frequently.

The main advantages of this material are lightness and rust resistance. In a world focusing on increasing performance, it is essential to choose the right partner. We at Moro Minuterie are able to develop products suitable to fit your needs. For this reason, we are observing this new trend and important starting point for future projects by close; a working hypothesis is already under study, while times and methods remain to be defined.

By choosing Moro Minuterie you will surely find qualified staff with more than forty years of experience, ready to advise and guide you in the most suitable choice for your needs, whether you are developing a highly technical garment, or the latest fashion trends are being your priority.

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